Acushla-Tara Kupe Headshot

'Kupe has a gravitas which holds the space and is a pleasure to watch.'

Anahera at Finborough Theatre

 Rigmarole Management (UK)

Gail Cowan Management (NZ)


Susan Corman in Mr Corman for AppleTV+

Jill Hunter in the Jackie the Ripper podcast

Hana in DestructionAllstars for Lucid Games/Playstation

Emilia1 in the international premiere of Emilia at the PopUp Globe

Anahera in Anahera at the Finborough Theatre

Pui Sonova in Creeped Out on iPlayer and Netflix

Dr Rachel Webber in the The Offensive podcast

'…the performance of the evening was that of Acushla-Tara Kupe … This was a full-blooded account of the role by an actor who drew the eye whenever she was on stage.' - Benvolio in Romeo & Juliet